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These creators stand at the forefront of online storytelling...
bringing you the best in new online work.
— Tribeca Film Festival
The best independent web series of 2018!
Stumbling on the series HOME was a bona fide delight.
— Script Magazine, Women you should know
Keylee and Micah Sudduth exude talent in this series.
— NY Film Critics Online

What is Home?

“I have arrived. I am home. My destination is in each step.”
– Thich Nhat Hanh

Pulling from the true life experiences of the filmmakers, Home is a six-episode digital dramedy series that mines the humor and heartbreak of growing into adulthood, venturing from the south to the city, and balancing individual creative careers as a married couple in the millennial age.

Home. It's not where you make it. It's who you make it with.

#HOMETHESERIES officially World Premiered at TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL as a part of the 2018 N.O.W. Showcase! Following that, Home screened at LA Web Fest, ITVfest presented by HBO and the Television Academy, and won Best Independent Web Series at LA Indie Film Fest. 

Season one of Home will be released JANUARY 31, 2019! STAY TUNED!