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the incident - directed by

the incident

After an explosion during the Wimble School for the Gifted Science Fair, Principal Wade interrogates ten students to get to the bottom of it.


It all started when…

Keylee and Micah Sudduth and Dan Finlayson of Bob Billiams Productions were hired to bring to life a short film, "The Incident," written by Jack Thomas of Dreamworks, Cartoon Network, and the Disney Channel. "The Incident" was executive produced by John D'Aquino and Emily Reas as a part of the Camp Hollywood 2018 Showcase.

It was a whirlwind of a production. 12 performers (10 of which were children.) 2 days of shooting. 28 pages. 4 days post. Why? For the kids, of course. How? Who knows. 

We hope you enjoy!