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the team

Learn about the award-winning indie filmmakers behind Bob Billiams.



keylee sudduth

Actor. Director. Producer. Researcher. Writer.

co-founder of bob billiams productions.

Keylee recently won the SheKnows Media pitch contest for her autobiographical short film exploring the humor and taboos of female sexuality. She is also a storyteller, telling personal stories across stages in LA, including the Moth Grand Slam. She pushed herself into writing, creating, and directing when she realized that in order to survive and thrive as an artist in LA, she had to stop waiting for opportunities and go out and create them for herself. She has her B.F.A. in acting from Texas State, is an advanced student at the Upright Citizens Brigade, and has trained with Lesly Kahn and Co., The Groundlings, and the Writing Pad. She is currently the head researcher for the prolific screenwriter, producer, and director Matt Cook, of HAZARD PAY PRODUCTIONS. She is also a proud member of SAG-AFTRA, and has been featured in many commercials and independent projects, which can be found by clicking below. 


micah sudduth

Actor. Director. Editor. Producer. Writer.

co-founder of bob billiams productions.

Micah is an autodidact by way of being homeschooled in the woods of east Texas, while developing an unrelenting desire to make films. He graduated with a B.F.A. from Texas State University and has worked in various roles in the filmmaking industry and I.T. sector.  He currently resides in the neighborhood of Little Armenia, where he continues to write, produce, direct, perform comedy, and walk his dogs Bird and Kit. Although he ran from the woods of east Texas as fast as he could, he would like to tell the stories from where he came from to affect positive change…funny how that works out. He is a member of SAG-AFTRA, and has trained with the Upright Citizens Brigade,  Lesly Kahn and Co., The Groundlings, and The Writing Pad.

His stand-up comedy can be found by clicking below.


dan finlayson

Cinematographer. Lighting Genius. Producer.

cinematographer of bob billiams productions.

Dan Finlayson is a cinematographer from Boston, MA, now residing in Los Angeles, CA. The son of an engineer and a painter, he ended up picking up a camera. He also loves fast food and karaoke.

Most recently, Dan used his brilliant skills in our soon to be released narrative series, HOME. 

Watch some of Dan's dope work by visiting his website below.


Photos by Claude Charles of Top Notch Photography.