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about the show

the best independent web series of 2018!
— LA indie film festival



Keylee and Micah Sudduth exude talent in this series.
— NY FIlm Critics


It’s not where you make it ––

–– It’s who you make it with.

These creators stand at the forefront of online storytelling...
bringing you the best in new online work.
— Tribeca Film Festival

Series Synopsis:

When Micah and Keylee Parker leave their families and hometown in Texas to pursue careers in Los Angeles, they are faced with the painful realities of life and artistry in a big city. A looming pregnancy, two careers that have failed to launch, family pressures to come back south, and a notice that their rental home is being demolished, all lead them to question if it’s time to give up on the dreams they once had and head back to Texas—or stay and make a home for themselves in a city that offers endless possibilities but none of the comforts they once knew.

This semi-autobiographical series becomes universal in its specific and vulnerable explorations of the awkward, heartbreaking, and authentic experiences of the creators. It begs familiar questions for this generation: “Can you find a sense of home in a place that feels nothing like it?” “Is home where you make it, or who you make it with?”

Series Background:

Pulling from the true-life experiences of the Texas filmmakers Micah Sudduth and Keylee (Koop) Sudduth, Home mines the humor and heartbreak of growing into adulthood, leaving home, and balancing individual creative careers as a married couple in the millennial age.

The pilot episode World Premiered at the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival this past year, and continued its festival run across the country, including screenings at ITVfest presented by HBO and the Television Academy, LA Indie Film Festival, and LA Web Fest. The series then went on to win Best Independent Series at LA Indie Film Fest.

Season one consists of six episodes, ranging in length from 12-15 minutes.The show has gone on to receive rave reviews, and the full first season is now available for online viewers everywhere to enjoy.

...plays out beautifully. There’s no doubt that this show will hit home with... anyone who’s made a risky move to try and make their dreams come true.

The stories are real and relatable...the performances are genuine.

The semi-autobiographical content serves the series incredibly well...At times it seems more like a documentary than an independent series due to the accuracy behind the storytelling.

...*absolutely* worth the watch.
— Starry Magazine