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Creating = Connection.

we’re here to connect.

Creating your own art connects you to yourself, your purpose, and the world.

Written by Keylee Sudduth
January 25, 2019

There is no greater feeling than connection. That's what we're all here for, right?

Well, Micah Sudduth and I created our new episodic digital series Home to connect with our true selves again. To re-connect with our purpose.

Living in a city where it feels like there are so many gatekeepers keeping artists and creators at bay can be overwhelming and disheartening. Sometimes it feels like you're all alone. (You're definitely not.) But even if you have all the passion and talent in the world, if you're just waiting for your ticket to be called, waiting for someone to give you a chance...all you're doing is waiting.

We decided to say – to hell with that.

We made this show to slay our demons and to do what we were put here to do. Art is what brought us together in the first place. Creating with others and storytelling is what has always kept us alive since we were little kids.

So, we decided to jump in the game without permission. To tell our story (a version of it). A story of the time in our lives when we may not have everything figured out, our careers may not be where we want them to be or provide any security at all (lol) and that's kinda scary – but still, we have a lot. We have each other, we have our friends who feel like true family, who support us and make us laugh and remind us not to take ourselves too seriously, and we have a newfound faith that maybe this journey itself, this stage of figuring it all out, is funny and beautiful and maybe even the best years of our life (hopefully not, but we'll see).

Making Home re-connected us with who we know we are. It re-connected us with our souls. It reminded us that we have a purpose and that we never need permission to live according to that purpose. It taught us that the destination is the journey itself, and we are the only ones in charge of the route we choose to take. Home re-connected us with that truth – which we feel is universal, no matter what your dreams or goals may be. What's always most important is the present moment, so you might as well enjoy it.

But more than just connecting with our selves and our purpose, this show also connected us with others.

Home introduced us to or reunited us with so many other incredible artistic souls, through the making of the show and the connection we now have with the cast and crew that made our dreams a reality, through the film festival circuit and the filmmakers we now know from around the country and world, and through social media, with friends old and new who have joined in supporting us online along the way.

Creating Home taught us and gifted us so much. It reminded us of who we are, that no one is ever truly alone, and connection is always available to you if you open yourself up to it.

You can even find a sense of home in a place that feels nothing like it. Because maybe home isn't where you make it, it's who you make it with.

In just 6 DAYS, when the first season of Home comes out, we hope it will connect us with all of you. And that it maybe even makes you feel a little less alone out there, and more inclined to enjoy wherever you are, too.

Stay tuned, y'all. The best is truly yet to come and it's coming so soon!!

Season one drops 1.31.19 – just 6 days! Click here to learn more.